144MHz 150W Transverter

Standard Features:

    28MHz IF

    150W Output

    20dB Receive Conversion Gain

    1.0dB Noise Figure Typical

    High Level Mixer

    Optional Built-In Sequencer

    Front End PIN Diode Protection

    2-Stage SAW Filter Design

    RF Output Level Meter

    PLL Synthesized LO

    Connection for Optional External 10MHz Reference

    Thermostat-Controlled Cooling Fan

Please Specify:

  • PTT Polarity

    • PTT-L (Ground to Transmit) - The most popular choice

    • PTT-H (High to Transmit)

  • Split or Common IF

    • Common IF - A single connection to your transceiver

    • Split IF - Separate TX/RX lines to your transceiver

  • Split or Common RF

    • Common RF - A single connection to your antenna

    • Split RF - Separate TX/RX lines to your antenna

  • IF Drive Level -20dBm to 10W

  • Local Oscillator Stability

    • Standard - 1ppm TCXO

    • High Stability - 0.28ppm TCXO

  • IF Standard or Custom Frequency

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144MHz High Power 150W Transverter

  • Product Code: L144-28HP150
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  • $799.00

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